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Fresh Cargo Peru offers complete information with all the details of each cargo exported from Peru

We provide you with the details of each shipment exported from Peru

Distinction between types of transport: air, maritime, or land - Ships, loading and unloading ports

Transport company, container number, manifest, and BL / AWB

Volume (gross and/or net weight, boxes, containers)

FOB available for maritime and air

Week of departure and estimated week of arrival

Markets and submarkets

Importer/exporter ranking

Varieties and subvarieties

Comparative percentage with the previous campaign

Use of multiple filters for creating custom reports, downloadable in Excel and PDF

In addition to our information system, we offer the following services

calendario 3
Historical databases since 2009 - all the detail with data from more than 10 years ago. Available only to clients with more than a year of subscription.
calidad de la información
Customized reports for companies - we focus on understanding your business in order to make the necessary analysis and recommendations.
busqueda-de-datos 1
Special studies for guilds and associations - we are capable of making a deep analysis of each sector of the agro-exportation. Finding weaknesses and strengths to propose necessary changes.
grafico 1
Infographics and campaign summaries - visual reports that in very little time will show you what is happening in the campaign.


The first Peruvian company to perform quality control on agro-exports. We have 16 years of experience. We perform quality control at the origin (Peru) and destination (global presence).

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